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People often have a question:

"Why do I need to see a Periodontist?"

Would you ask your GP to do open heart surgery?  For the best outcome, you would seek or ask to be referred to a specialist with proper qualification, training, equipment set-up and most importantly extensive experience in the particular field.

Likewise, a general dentist deals with a person’s general dental issues.  When a case is beyond their level of expertise, you get referred to a specialist.

We specialise in the field ofgum diseases (periodontics) and various surgical aspects of dental implants.

Often patients seek specialists themselves. Unlike medical specialists, referral is not mandatory to see a dental specialist.

Why should you choose us?

1. Qualifications & Experience

Dr. Amit Shah is a Dental Board (AHPRA) registered specialist. He has been working in the field of periodontics since 1996. He was trained to be a
periodontist at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia.

Dr Shah is a Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in the special faculty of Periodontics. He is a reputed member of:

  • Australian Dental Association
  • Australian and New Zealand Academy of Periodontists
  • Australian Society of Periodontology
  • The International Team of Implantology

Dr Shah still maintains active involvement in Australian Universities like:

  • Griffith University School of Oral Health in Gold Coast
  • University of Queensland, School of Dentistry in Brisbane

Amit is invited to local, national and international dental community events (conferences and seminars) as a speaker. He also actively maintains engagement with local general dentists as a continuing education provider to general practising dentists to uplift the standards of clinical practice in the local area.

2. Convenient Location

Since 2012, Amit established his own specialist practice at two geographically convenient locations: Beenleigh (for Brisbane South-Side and
Gold Coast North Area) and Cleveland (Brisbane East-Side and Redland Area).


4. High Standard of Clinical Practice & Care

Apart from having extensive experience and good community standing, Dr Shah promises you high standards of clinical practice:

  • by providing you the utmost care and concern
  • using high standards of infection control
  • using “tried and tested” or Evidence-Based Treatment Approach and Products

His practice philosophy is:

“It is all about CARE. What happens to you matters to me.”

5. Minimal Invasive Approach, Less Morbidity (i.e. less pain, less swelling, etc), so that you can go back to work quickly:

Dr Shah strives to achieve the optimal outcome for you by having:

  • Minimal intervention and reduced risk and complication.
  • Minimum impact on your work-personal life balance (so that you can be mum, dad or go back to work quickly)
  • 'Quality of Life' by maintaining your chewing function intact

By using advanced instrumentation in periodontics (gum disease treatment), we have optimised the success-rate of nonsurgical periodontal therapy. We are proud to say that significantly small group of our patients require further surgical periodontal management. Nonsurgical periodontal management has very fast recovery and it does not affect your personal life apart from having time off for your dental treatment.

We use a similar approach for dental implants keeping post-operative pain and swelling to a minimum, so that you can be a mum, dad, boss or employee as soon as possible.

6. Evidence based treatment:

For both Periodontics (gum disease) and Dental Implants, Evidence Based Approach is the practice hallmark:

“It is good to learn what to avoid by studying the misfortunes of others.”

Instead of “trial – and – error” approach with potential high complication rate and unknown (possibly poor) success rate, we practice based on peer-reviewed clinical knowledge (means research papers published in reputed scientific journals). 

We don’t take short-cuts or use “cheap” products, we select implants and biomaterials with intense scrutiny about safety and long-term clinical performance.

Last but not the least: Allowing You to Make the Decision of Your Health:

We adopt an informed decision-making process; during consultation about your specific issue, we address full account of events that may possibly happen. We also provide the same brief in writing. You can then be the judge of your situation and make an informed choice for your own health.

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