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Dental Implants and Bone Grafting

Dental implants often requires bone grafting. Thinking about bone grafting, patients often get worried about:

“Bone Grafting? From my body – Really – No – Painful?”

Many different human emotions flow, the solution is simple, “We at Perio’Plant don’t remove bone from your hip or skull!”

Bone scaffolds are bio-regenerative materials in modern dentistry aim to achieve predictable regeneration without any donor-site morbidity.  

This video talks about an application of bone grafting around dental implants.

Bone scaffolds, commonly referred to as bone grafts, are generally made in a laboratory, at times made using natural bone as a starting product.

Generally we combine artificial scaffold material with your own bone particles (bone chips collected during implant preparation) to grow new bone.   The composite graft, combination of bone scaffold and natural bone particles from the host, results in more predictable bone formation.

To optimise the outcome by guiding tissue regeneration, we cover the graft material with a collagen membrane.

All the materials we use are approved by the Therapeutic Goods of Australia (TGA) which has highest safety standards for the approval process.

For religious, or any other reasons you wish to avoid (any or all) animal products, please advise us. We can also use synthetic bone graft material.

Each case is different. Decision making requires comprehensive planning based on clinical examination, medical consideration, 3-D scan of the local area to assess bone volume and quality, and last but not the least patient preference.

Please ask us how we can help you gaining predictable, long term function, confidence, comfort and success replacing missing teeth with implants.

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