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Maintenance Care

Plaque maturation BELOW THE GUMS over a period leads to recurrence of inflammation and is prevented by regular professional maintenance.

After the treatment of periodontitis, patients require Supportive Periodontal Therapy (SPT) or Professional Maintenance Care.
The intervals between maintenance appointments are varied according to Periodontal Risk Assessment, a highly evidence-based model developed by Drs Lang and Tonetti in 2003.

A hypothetical situation in a severe periodontitis patient with significant tooth loss and ongoing smoking and poor treatment response would suggest periodontal risk as high suggesting recall interval of three months.

At Perio’Plant, we prefer patients to be in regular shared care with alternate appointments with their general dentist.  

Multiple studies demonstrated even teeth with severe loss of support can be maintained with regular periodontal maintenance for 15 to 30 years (after thorough, meticulous high-quality periodontal care). 

Extracting teeth and replacement with dental implants also require regular ongoing periodontal maintenance.

Peer-reviewed evidences suggest long-term success of periodontal therapy relies on:

  • ongoing optimum home care (plaque control),
  • regular compliance (attendance) with supportive periodontal therapy
  • risk factor control (i.e. smoking abstinence, diabetes control, etc).

At Perio’Plant we are committed to individualised patient care.

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