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Meet the Periodontist

Dr Amit Shah

BDS, MDS, DClinDent, FRADS (Perio)

Dr Amit Shah started his dental career in 1991 and involved in the field of periodontology (periodontics) from 1996.

After migrating to Australia in 2004, Dr Shah worked in various roles in clinical and academic domains involving

  • Queensland Health – as Dental Officer and Senior Dental Officer
  • Griffith University – as Lecturer, and Senior Lecturer
  • University of Queensland – as Clinical Staff in supervising dentists in training.
Dr Amit Shah

He also acquired Doctor of Clinical Dentistry from Griffith University in faculty of Periodontology along with Fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in Periodontics discipline.

Along with maintaining commitments in academics and dental industry, Amit has been primarily involved in his private practice limited to periodontics and surgical placement of dental implants.

His research interests involve

  • Guided tissue and bone regeneration
  • Tissue engineering (regenerating tissues using human cells)
  • Conservative clinical approaches in nonsurgical management of advanced periodontal defects
  • Optimising clinical outcomes of dental implants with modified surgical techniques. 

Please feel free to explore his profile further on his LinkedIn Page 

Dr Amit Shah’s involvement in Dental Industry:

Dental Board of Australia
Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons
Australlian Dental Association
International Team for Implantology

Our Promise

We promise you to high standards of clinical practice:

  • By using our clinical expertise (skills) and experience
  • By providing you with the utmost care and concern
  • Using high standards of infection control
  • Using only “tried and tested” products (Evidence based approach)

“It is all about CARE. What happens to you matters to me.”

Care is the first and foremost thing we provide as a team to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Minimum impact on your work-personal life balance (Quality of Life):

We follow minimal invasive philosophy for clinical management of gum disease and dental implants.

By using advanced instrumentation we have optimized the success-rate of nonsurgical periodontal therapy, which does not affect your personal life apart from the time you are in a dental clinic. We do not consider periodontal surgeries as a first line of treatment. We want to provide you quality care without any significant impact to your personal life commitments.

We use a similar approach for dental implants to keep post operative pain and swelling to minimum, so that you can be a mum, dad, boss or employee as soon as possible.

The minimum impact on “quality of life” is additionally facilitated by following factors:

  • The use of “state-of-art” equipments and instruments
  • High standards of infection control
  • Careful management of soft tissue (gums) and bone; so that they don't react furiously, causing pain and swelling.

Evidence based approach:

“It is good to learn what to avoid by studying the misfortunes of others.” (Publius Syrius)

Rather than doing “clinical trial – and – error” on you, we like to use the best of clinical knowledge that is published based on scientific research in your best advantage. The products we use are not “cheap”, we do select them (implants or other products) with intense scrutiny about long term clinical performance.

We do adopt an informed decision making process, so that we do provide a full account of events that may possibly happen. You can then be the judge of your clinical condition and make choices for your own health. We act as an “advocate” of your best interests.

To summarise our mission statement, I would again like to repeat:

“Experience is the universal mother of sciences.” (Miguel de Cervantes)

Easy Payment facilities

To make it convenient, we also provide facilities like HICAPS™ merchant facility to claim your insurance privileges so that you just need to pay the gap.

We also have a payment plan facility, please ask our friendly staff about this.

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