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Tooth Loss - Options 

When you lose a single tooth, generally there are two options:

  1. No treatment (or removable replacement which most people may not wear it regularly)
  2. Fixed replacement

No treatment with a missing tooth may likely to affect your ability to chewing food in short term with ongoing bone loss (resorption) and teeth moving in the missing gap can impact on your dental health quite significantly as discussed in this video:

Video URL:


Waiting for a few months after the tooth extraction, without grafting, can lead to bone collapse. 

Additionally, there would be abnormal tooth movement in few years making the issue more complex as demonstrated in bottom picture.

The fixed options of a missing tooth involve but not limited to:

  • Three-unit tooth-supported bridge
  • Single tooth supported by a dental implant (without involving neighbouring teeth)

Some options are compared in these videos:

Conventional Solutions vs Dental Implants:

Three-Unit Bridge vs Dental Implants:

Every case is different, there is no one-shoe that fits all clinical situations. Every case requires assessment on its merits:

  • patient’s overall health and disease susceptibility profile
  • surrounding vital structures and available bone
  • invasive nature and possible risk factors associated with treatment.

Customised approach determined based on comprehensive assessment and diagnostics can provide you which outcome is best suited for your case.

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