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Azithromycin (antibiotics): Necessity in periodontal management?

Azithromycin is a macrolide group of antibiotics with an extended spectrum against Gram -ve organisms than Erythromycin, which makes it suitable for periodontitis management, along with following advantages: High patient compliance with medication intake due to simple dosage (see the image below) It is bound to plasma proteins and released over 14 days to exert […]

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When should I use antibiotics in Periodontitis management?

“Should all the severe cases of periodontitis treated with adjunctive antibiotics to improve clinical outcome?” As a general rule, antibiotics when given after systematic periodontal debridement work only in patients with aggressive periodontitis, which is characterised by rapid destruction of periodontal support in genetically highly susceptible individual potentially combined with highly virulent bacteria within the […]

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Should I prescribe a script of antibiotics (only — without debridement) when I see a patient of periodontal abscess?

The plaque is a biofilm, which means: There are distinctly different microcolonies of micro-organisms (more than bacteria) live together They co-operate for survival of colony by metabolic interexchange i.e. substance P is used by bacteria A and produce substance Q   nourishes bacteria B. by producing extracellular matrix that protects colony (biofilm) against host response […]

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What is the need of prescribing antibiotics in periodontal management?

To consider the answer of these questions, we need to look at the pathogenesis of periodontal disease. It has been well established that plaque is essential for initiation of gingivitis, the progression of gingivitis to periodontitis and its further deterioration (Mild à Moderate à Severe) is related to immune-inflammatory imbalance.  In simple words, it is […]

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